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“It has been said that WISDOM lies not in seeing things, but in seeing through things.”

A Special Gift from Dr. David M. Greene, DMD, to YOU, My Fellow Dental Professional:

“After many years creating some of the most amazing smiles for so many incredible patients, I’ve learned one thing: we dentists sure have a ton of information! Part skill, part alchemy, there’s no doubt that we use all our knowledge and many different pieces of this information in each creation.

As I watch younger, more evolved dentists cosafetyme up through the trade, I see that the learning curve for achieving stellar cosmetic results is very steep. In fact, from my years of continuing education and talks with fellow dentists, the one thing they all struggle with is reaching the pinnacle of “the perfect smile.” All patients want this, but only a fraction of us are able to provide it. I’m proud to say this is my specialty. Thousands of happy people are enjoying a better life and a brighter smile as a result of my attention to detail and the many years of practice cultivating my professional gifts.

Over the past 10 years, several of my assistants as well as two hygienists have made the decision to go on to Dental School themselves after being mentored by me. This gave me such fulfillment, I decided to inquire further and what I uncovered was profound…

As I approach this, my 40th year in practice, I’ve been told by countless patients, loyal staff members and most of all several peers whom I trust implicitly, that I should be passing my gifts along to the next generation of smile artists while I can still perform at the highest clinical and cosmetic levels. It is with great pride that I’m unveiling the following educational program, “Dental Wisdom” a one-on-one mentoring program just for YOU!”

How “Dental Wisdom” works:

You come to our beautiful spa-office over in Scarsdale, New York, right in the heart of beautiful Westchester County, about 30 minutes North of New York City. You spend a full day with Dr. Greene learning all the subtle nuances of his clinical and cosmetic gifts, sitting chairside while he creates “Smile Magic” on one of his wonderful patients.

You’ll learn his latest tips, procedures and the EXACT processes he uses every day to take an ordinary mouth and make it extraordinary. He’ll share his personal trade secrets for getting these stellar results quickly and easily, while he shows you EXACTLY which materials work best for each application AND he’ll show you the actual tools (gathered over a 40 year career) he uses each day to provide consistent positive outcomes.

You will take this priceless information back with you to your own office, so you can begin immediately saving precious TIME and MONEY bringing your patients “the perfect smile.”

Platinum Program:

Full Day with Dr. Greene, followed by 90 days of follow-up by phone and email access 3,500.00. Special Introductory Investment 2,500.00.

Gold Program:

Full Day with Dr. Greene, followed by 60 days of follow-up by phone and email access 3,000.00. Special Introductory Investment 2,000.00.

Silver Program:

Full Day with Dr. Greene, followed by 30 days of follow-up by phone and email access 2,500.00. Special Introductory Investment 1,500.00.

[*Note: Dr. Greene is available to come to your office for an additional investment.]

Additional support is available from Dr. Greene after your initial on-site visit for additional in-person visits, as well as after your initial phone and email package expires. Please ask us about additional visit days. You can add another 30-day support phone and email package for only 750.00.


“We’ve heard such amazing testimonials from those that I’ve already mentored. Here are just a few:”

Katie Hofmann said: “When I first started working at Scarsdale Dental Spa in 2013, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in dentistry. I had shadowed several hours in different dental clinics and felt I was “prepared” to enter dental school. However, it was through my months of training with Dr. Greene that I truly recognized talent, passion, and enthusiasm towards the field of dentistry. Dr. Greene was constantly motivating me and encouraging me to learn more of his skills and procedures each and every day.

I have since then entered dental school at NYU College of Dentistry and am now in my 3rd year, treating my own patients. I continue to use the techniques Dr. Greene has instilled in me. My proudest moment thus far has been my first crown preparation on a fractured anterior tooth. Dr. Greene not only sat with me teaching me his systematic approach to preparing the tooth, but also loaned me a very special book to further explain each step. After completing the treatment, not only was my professor extremely impressed by my crown prep, my patient was overwhelmed with happiness that her beautiful smile was restored. I continue to send Dr. Greene picture updates of my most recent procedures, always welcoming his feedback and excited to share my journey.

Dr. Greene’s passion for his career is truly infectious. He continues to educate not only himself in the newest research and procedures for esthetic dentistry, but also teaches his patients and staff members on how the best way to create and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. He truly has impacted my life and shaped me to become the best dentist I can be. I am extremely lucky to have been mentored by him and I look forward to working together throughout the years.”

Katie Hofmann, DDS

NYU College of Dentistry

New York, NY

Jonathan Silver said: “As a recent dental school graduate, I had the good fortune to get my first exposure to private practice from Dr. David Greene. His vast knowledge of patient management, dental materials and practice pearls helped to guide and shape me to mature as a general practitioner.

Dr. Greene’s passion for teaching is readily apparent. His constant pursuit of clinical excellence drives him to continually learn new information and techniques to add to his extensive repertoire. It was truly a valuable learning experience for me.”

Jonathan Silver, DDS

Practice Director, Silver Family Dental Care

Thornwood, NY

Amber Chu said: “I have worked for Dr. David Greene as an endodontist between 2011 to 2013. I still remember on my first day of work I was very nervous and did not produce the best quality of root canal therapy. Dr. Greene kindly told me that he believes in me and that he knows my nerve got the best of me. It’s a rare thing to have a kind voice and gentle guidance in dentistry. Just like athletes, your performance can be greatly influenced by the people’s attitude around you. Thank you Dr. Greene for your faith in me!”

Amber Chu, DDS

Practice Director, Amber Endodontics

Houston, TX

Yu Kato said: “Caring, thorough, professional, and highly knowledgeable. Prior to starting my career in dentistry, Dr. Greene generously took me under his wings to show and teach what it took to be a great dentist. I had the fortune to assist him in his practice for a period of time and was able to witness first hand his enthusiasm and dedication to the profession and patients.

Dr. Greene values the concept of “lifelong learning” which can be witnessed through his participation in more than 1000+hours of CE courses throughout his successful career. With his passion and drive to always improve in patient treatment coupled with his admiration to teach, it is no surprise to hear of his new endeavor in mentorship.”

Yu Kato, DDS

Prosthodontics Resident, Stony Brook College of Dentistry

Long Island, NY

Angelo Ricanor said: “Dr. Greene is a dentist that displays a commitment in dentistry and professionalism in the field. The high standard of care that is evident in his work and practice has inspired me to continue to pursue dentistry. Having him as a mentor has encouraged me to strive for my dream of becoming a dentist that provides comprehensive dental care. He has shown me the importance of building patient rapport and ways to contribute to the growth of the practice.

Working with Dr. Greene has been a tremendous learning experience that has allowed me to grow both as a clinician and as a person. I can’t thank him enough for taking the time out of his busy schedule to be one of my mentors.”

Angelo Ricanor, RDH

Scarsdale Dental Spa & Wellness

Scarsdale, NY

For less than the cost of one implant and restoration, YOU can learn a lifetime of tips, procedures and processes from one of the most successful cosmetic and clinical doctors in our industry.

Contact Rick Gabrielly to apply for “Dental Wisdom” today. Dr. Greene only has a limited amount of these precious spots available, so call 914.715.8909 or email to get started on your own personal journey to “Dental Wisdom.”

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”

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