Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Afraid of the Dentist?

Experience the Scarsdale Dental Spa Difference

  • Calming and therapeutic amenities
  • Relaxing environment
  • Clear explanations of treatments and procedures
  • Caring and attentive staff
  • Gentle dentistry
  • Auditory and visual distractions

Plagued by fear of dental injections?

Here’s some good news. Dr. Greene offers a digital single tooth localized anesthesia delivery system. This will make your anesthetic experience more comfortable and rewarding than ever before. The STA, Single Tooth Anesthesia, is a digital delivery system that targets only one tooth at a time to be numbed. It incorporates pressure force feedback which…

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Dental Anxiety | Fear of Going to the Dentist

Despite the advancement of technology and techniques in dentistry, dental anxiety remains a serious obstacle for many people. The fear of going to the dentist and avoiding routine dental care can have severe repercussions on a person’s teeth and overall health. Dental anxiety commonly arises from traumatic childhood experiences at the dentist that carries into…

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Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Women in their 40s are more likely to fear the dentist more than any other age group, according to an ongoing University of Sydney study. The study, now in its fifth year, shows that women of this age were most likely to have perceived a “traumatic dental experience, abuse, trauma and oro-facial trauma.” These women were…

Dr. Greene took special care not to cause any pain. He spoke to me at he beginning, middle, and end of his procedure. His concern showed through in every one of his actions. And, for the first time, my overwhelming fear began to fade.

DAN B.Scarsdale, NY

You enter a Zen-like setting, with low lights and soft music playing in the background. I have never, ever looked forward to a dental visit before. Scarsdale Dental Spa has changed that.

MARIYonkers, NY

If a dentist visit can ever be a pleasant experience, it will be here. Nice atmosphere in the practice; people are very friendly but also professional.

JILLScarsdale, NY

Comforting atmosphere, caring professorial staff, cutting edge technology and pain free results!

TIMScarsdale, NY

I cannot express how much they make both my children feel settled and comfortable at each visit.

ETHANScarsdale, NY

I had a horrible tooth ache in my wisdom tooth on a Saturday night at 4am. Scarsdale Dental Spa came to the rescue first thing in the morning to remove my infected tooth. The professionalism was impeccable. All in office were friendly, and caring. It was refreshing and I felt very safe in the dentists care. I had zero pain when the tooth was removed and the recovery was so easy. I feel like a new person! Thank you!!!!

JANEArdsley, NY

Soothing atmosphere, excellent dental care!

DEEYonkers, NY

By far the best experience that I have had during any dental visit in the past.

JOANNEastchester, NY

State-of-the art dental office with friendly and professional staff.

TOMBronxville, NY

Excellent, professional care with a warm touch.

BRIANBriarcliff Manor

Welcoming and relaxed atmosphere with top-notch dental care!


Best part of their approach is your well being. They really make a huge effort for your comfort.

ELIWhite Plains, NY

A Trip to the Dentist Without Fear? Priceless!

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