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I recently read an interesting article about women & some very common conditions.  According to a gynecologic surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic, many doctors advise Hysterectomies & D & C’ s when fibroids are present. But it’s unnecessary to do so…during menopause, they tend to shrink, due to lack of hormones. About 70 % of women will experience at least one or two by age 50. There are remedies that could cut your risk, such as walking 30 minutes daily. It actually increases circulation to the pelvic area, helping to flush away hormones that fuel fibroid growth.  Other remedies are vitamin D , which can force cells to to behave normally. Green tea extracts and lycopene found in tomatoes, work in a similar manor, building your immune system. These nutrients switch off genes that form fibroids.The healthier you are, the better chance you have to survive these common conditions.  Know your body & trust your gut. I have always done so & believe in second opinions.

Be well and stay informed for a healthy & happy new year!