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Recently one of our staff members was having a relaxing evening, watching her husband barbecue just as he had done night after night. Suddenly, while walking toward the grill, a bee came out of nowhere and she was stung on her lip. Just as many of us have done before, she ran into the house for ice. After putting the ice cube on for a while..her family noticed her face swelling & eyes closing. She also felt the tight sensation of the swelling and raced to the hospital.

Usually in this case, you should call 911 … just in case your throat begins to close & you experience problems breathing. In her case she knew she could breathe. After reaching the emergency room, they brought her in immediately because by then her entire face & head were three times the size. They knew when they saw her it was a bee sting! She was treated instantly with steroids & after a day or so..was back to normal.

I thought this was an informative story to tell due to the summer & incredible amount of outdoor activities and bees in our space. I have also heard that even though we could have been stung as a child or anytime in the past, we can develop an allergic reaction to bee stings at any time in our lives. A visit to an allergist is recommended and can save your life.

Please keep Benadryl in your car, spray & pill form, to be prepared in case of insect bites as well.

Enjoy your summer and remember to “bee careful!”