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Despite the advancement of technology and techniques in dentistry, dental anxiety remains a serious obstacle for many people. The fear of going to the dentist and avoiding routine dental care can have severe repercussions on a person’s teeth and overall health. Dental anxiety commonly arises from traumatic childhood experiences at the dentist that carries into adulthood. I have seen first hand the apprehension that some adults have toward dental treatment, even routine dental cleanings. Some techniques I use in order to alleviate dental anxiety are explaining the treatment and procedure step by step, using auditory and visual distractions through headphones and television provided by Scarsdale Dental Spa, provide calming and therapeutic amenities such as warm neck wraps and aroma therapy and creating a rapport with the patients prior to starting the treatment. Here at Scarsdale Dental Spa, It is important to read body language for signs of dental anxiety because some patients may not want to admit that they are nervous or anxious. It is this level of genuine awareness that a clinician must have in order to help the patient achieve oral health. Dental anxiety and fear do not discriminate, and it is our job to help them in their journey of overcoming their fears.

The following testimonial is from a patient’s experience in Scarsdale Dental Spa.

“The most terrifying words in the English language have always been “the dentist”. I only went to the dentist when forced to by pain…and even then it was a struggle to make myself go. Decades went by when I only went to an occasional dentist in an emergency, and they just reinforced my knee-knocking fear.

When I entered Dr Greene’s office I was stunned. Instead of a cold, antiseptic, impersonal cookie-cutter waiting room, it was soothingly lit with calming music. Everyone was friendly and unhurried. And the other patients seemed to mirror that also; almost to share an unspoken message: “you’ve come to a different sort of place.”

When I met Dr Greene I realized why. Instead of treating me like a car engine to be fixed, he calmly and carefully explained every step of his procedures. He took special care not to cause any pain. He spoke to me at he beginning, middle, and end of his procedure. His concern showed through in every one of his actions. And, for the first time, my overwhelming fear began to fade.

Today I can go to the dentist without mind-numbing panic and paralyzing fear. Dr Greene, and everyone who is part of the amazingly caring and compassionate team at the Scarsdale Dental Spa, has completely re imagined a fearful, painful experience and transformed it into a positive and healthy one. A trip to the dentist without fear? Priceless!”

– Dan B.

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